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Emery LeeAnn

Barcode by Emery LeeAnn

Barcode by Emery LeeAnn

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My family's past was dark and the secrets ran deep, I just didn't realize how deep until I became the bargaining chip for one of my father's deals. The depravity of the place I'm sent to reduces me to nothing more than the barcode that is now tattooed on my neck. They try to break me daily. What they don't understand- you can't break what's already been broken. The more they push, the more my fractured mind becomes deranged. Who wins in this game of cat and mouse? 

This is my blanket warning for all of my books. Some are more triggery than others. I will not list individual triggers on my books. What I will say is,if you have triggers of any kind, do not read my sh*t. Now, if you like dark, graphic, mind bendy, tickle your trigger loving mind, and snuggle with your demons kind of books, then please, move forward with your purchase.

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