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Emery LeeAnn

Iniquity (Inferno World Novella) by Emery LeeAnn

Iniquity (Inferno World Novella) by Emery LeeAnn

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Kidnapped and ripped from a life of brutality, thrown into a life of depraved pain and learning the real meaning of family.

My brother is the evil incarnate, and I am molded by his hands. He has taught me every twisted desire I hold dear. My only goal is to please him. 

Do not think you know what happens behind closed doors because the truth will not set you free- it will only rip your insides out. 

Family ties can be deadly, but is it wrong I enjoy the pain?

I am an Iniquity- a wicked act or thing because that is what pleases him.

🔥With a special foreward from the Queen of Horror herself who started the Inferno World- Yolanda Olson

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