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Emery LeeAnn

Insane by Emery LeeAnn

Insane by Emery LeeAnn

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My name is Mary, Katherine, and Grace. You can use any one of those, I am all three. We know we are multiple, most are not aware. Of course, we don’t all speak at the same time, at least not out loud.

From the outside I’m sure I look like a normal girl. Except you won’t see me. My Uncle keeps me locked in a barn convinced I am possessed.

I mean seriously, if I was possessed, wouldn’t I be able to break free from the locks he keeps me shackled in?

Mary teaches us the Scriptures, Katherine guides our body through salvation, and Grace? Well, Grace will show you the true meaning of damnation and will punish you from your sins.

When danger arrives, it takes all three of us to survive this torture because Hell hath no wrath like a multiple scorned.

Wanna come play with us?

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