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Emery LeeAnn

Samsāra (Inferno World Novella) by Emery LeeAnn

Samsāra (Inferno World Novella) by Emery LeeAnn

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My sister Taylee and I swore when we were children that when we grew up, we would get out of the life we had been born into.

The truth was that Taylee deserved all the hell that was wrought upon her. She watched as momma and daddy did their dirty deeds on my frail body. She did nothing to stop them, and I saw the gleam in her eye as they put me away in the roller each night.

Now we are older, and somehow, we survived our past. Taylee left the first chance she got, leaving me to suffocate and die in the crawl space. 

Death is the new rebirth — welcome to the Greene family.

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